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You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

You are no accident, my friend. Psalm 139 makes it clear that God knew you before you were born. He planned you and created you to fill a role in His kingdom. As such you have a God-given value and purpose that no one can take away from you.

Temperament Therapy identifies your God-given, inborn temperament traits in the areas of the mind, will, and emotions. It helps you understand why you perceive yourself and the world around you as you do. Temperament Therapy identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and it provides a counseling path to help you rise to your strengths and convert your weaknesses into strengths. 

Through Temperament Therapy, you can find the answers that have heretofore eluded you.

Temperament Therapy begins with completion of an online questionnaire called the Arno Profile System (APS). This assessment consists of 60 simple questions that you answer from a list of six possible choices. You just pick the one that most closely describes how you really feel (not how you think you should feel). Your counselor generates a profile from your answers, and validates the results with you during your first few counseling sessions. Your validated APS report informs the direction of your counseling and helps you find solutions to problems that work for you!

Temperament Therapy is the heart of our Christian Counseling program and is required for every client. Please call today to schedule your assessment.

Susan A. Haberkorn, Ph.D.

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

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