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PEMF Therapy

Now offering exceptional PEMF therapy products from Vasindux, QRS Purewave, and Sedona. We even offer PEMF therapy devices for horses and pets! Please click the link above.

11 Proven Benefits of PEMF Therapy

  1. Pain relief (by blocking the propagation of the "pain signal")
  2. Alleviates inflammation
  3. Improves circulation (through vasodilation)
  4. Boosts the immune system
  5. Improves oxygenation of cells
  6. Increases stress tolerance (by decreasing the sensitivity of stress receptors)
  7. Promotes sleep (through increased melatonin production)
  8. Raises energy levels (by shifting the balance to oxidative processes)
  9. Speeds injury recovery
  10. Increases exercise performance (via improved circulation)
  11. Antimicrobial effects

Reduced Pain

Over the years PEMF Therapy has proven to be effective on both acute and chronic pain. The body is comprised of approximately 70 trillion cells which communicate via Electromagnetic Frequencies. When the body experiences Electromagnetic pulses, it generates micro currents which target the cell membrane modifying and restoring normal function to damaged cells.


Improved Sleep

PEMF Therapy has developed an almost universal reputation for improvement in sleep. People with electrical hypersensitivity often suffer from issues such as: problems falling asleep, early awakening or long waking hours during the night. PEMF therapy devices have proven to be the most effective in stimulating brainwave patterns to shift from disturbing patterns to patterns seen in normal sleep behavior.

Increased Circulation

The primary function of our magnetic fields in the body is to naturally increase circulation by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. When PEMF Therapy is used, a magnetic pulse passes through the cell which enables the membrane to become charged. The cells then separate from each other which helps to promote proper circulation and an increase in cellular oxygen.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by the body attempting to heal itself after experiencing and injury. PEMF Therapy helps to reduce inflammation by charging the cells with a gentle electromagnetic pulse. Once charged, the cells then increase their oxygen carrying ability which promotes healing, reduces swelling and pain. The electromagnetic pulse that flows through the body stops the release of inflammatory mediators and increases blood flow.