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Telehealth has come of age.

Telehealth has come of age, and Mercy Christian Counseling has transitioned to an all-online counseling process. This is a very advantageous change:

* Sessions are held via secure video platform that is HIPAA-compliant and ensures your privacy. Software for the video conferencing platform is provided free.

* Clients can attend appointments from anywhere that has internet, wifi, or data, via pc, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has a camera and microphone.

* Enjoy greater flexibility in scheduling times--as early as 7 am Eastern time.

* No wasted time driving--online counseling accommodates your very busy lifestyle!

* Online counseling provides a face-to-face experience with your counselor similar to an in-office session.

Bad weather? Out of town? No transportation? Housebound? Sick family member who requires your near presence? NO PROBLEM! Dr. Haberkorn can meet with you via secure video link from virtually anywhere. This can be accomplished from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has a webcam and microphone.  Never miss another counseling appointment!

Mercy Christian Counseling Online is committed to removing  nearly all barriers that could keep you from receiving the Christian counseling services you need!

No matter if you are seeking Christian mental health counseling, natural health counseling, or both, we can accommodate you! To get started, give us a call at (240) 520-2713.

Don't hesitate any longer! Call Dr. Haberkorn today at (240) 520-2713. 
Inquiries are answered seven days a week.