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Posted by mercycounseling on June 17, 2018 at 9:05 AM

Most people understand the importance of changing the oil in their automobiles. Friction in an internal combustion engine results in debris accumulating in the oil, and, if not changed regularly, this debris can build up to such a point that damage—even destruction—to the engine may result. The oil filter’s job is to remove the dirt from the circulating oil, but eventually the filter clogs and becomes useless. That dirt has no way to escape except when the dirty oil filter and oil are removed from the vehicle.

The human body is also an internal-combustion engine with millions of metabolic transactions taking place every second of every day that we live. In the human body, our liver and kidneys are the primary organs most responsible for breaking down the accumulated “dirt”—the waste products of metabolism—so that the skin, lungs, and colon can remove those wastes from our body. When any of these organs becomes weakened, wastes are not removed efficiently, and our body becomes toxic and sick.

The human body is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (according to Psalm 139) to heal itself, given the proper care and nutrients; and it is quite resilient. So resilient, in fact, that it can withstand years of abuse before breaking down. But just like that auto engine whose dirty oil is allowed to clog up and destroy the engine, our bodies too eventually can be damaged and even destroyed by our own ignorant or willful neglect of its needs.

If you are noticing that you don’t feel as good as you used to, don’t have the energy, don’t sleep as well, have frequent colds, aches, and pains, are experiencing depression and anxiety, or frequent digestive upsets, you probably need the human equivalent of an oil change. That means assessing and correcting your overall diet and lifestyle and providing your body with what it needs to clear away the toxic wastes that have likely accumulated over time.


The goal of Natural Health Practice is to help you provide the kind of natural support your body needs to function at its best, so that the “gunk” in your system doesn’t foul up the works, and so that oxygen and nutrients will freely flow to every cell, and every cell will be able to produce life-giving energy and offload its waste byproducts efficiently.


If you think you need an “oil change,” contact Dr. Haberkorn for a natural health assessment at (240) 520-2713. Your body, spirit, and soul will thank you.

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