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Dr. Susan A. Haberkorn
The two shall become one flesh.
Prayer is the foundation of health.
We counsel to your body, soul, and spirit.
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My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Susan A. Haberkorn, Ph.D., D.PSc.

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Natural Health Coach

18908 Crofton Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21742

(240) 520-2713

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Welcome to Mercy Christian Counseling Ministries! On these pages you will find information about Christian Counseling, Christian Counselor training, your Natural Health Coach, and Dispensary program. In addition, under the "More" tab you will find "Counselor's Corner," which contains blog posts relevant to Christian living and natural health. I hope you will take time to look around, and please do contact me with any questions you may have. Blessings to you!

Mercy Christian Counseling Ministries provides holistic Christian counseling and health coaching services that focus on your spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being. All services are provided in a caring, confidential, Christian environment.

What does it mean to be healthy? The World Health Organization defines it this way:

"Health is a state of complete physical, emotional, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

To this definition must be added spiritual well-being.

Hello, I am Dr. Susan Haberkorn, an Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Counselor licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association. My focus is to help you overcome emotional challenges and pursue optimal wellness for your body, soul, and spirit. I will pray with you and for you as an important aspect of your therapy. 

I believe that each individual can and should take responsibility for their state of well-being, and should pursue any and all methods and modes available, including both conventional and alternative health care. I am happy to work in cooperation with other health and wellness professionals to help you achieve your wellness goals.

The fact that you are reading this site is no accident. I believe you are here by divine appointment, and therefore you can rest in the knowledge that God knows the needs of your heart. It will be my privilege to walk out this journey with you, so please don't hesitate. The beginning of healing is just a phone call away. I can be reached seven days a week at (240) 520-2713. I offer counseling in person, by secure online video link, and by telephone. 

Christian Counseling

Relationship issues, rejection, fear, anxiety, depression, grief, guilt . . . . Do these issues interfere with your life and make you feel distant from God, cut off, hopeless? Do you feel stuck in the past, unable to resolve past hurts? Or do you simply need some help determining your life path and setting goals? You are not alone. Millions of people, regardless of religious affiliation, experience similar challenges. Here at Mercy Christian Counseling Ministries, we believe that healing is possible for you. Dr. Haberkorn will help you sort through these issues with the help of her clinical training, the Holy Bible, prayer, and natural wellness disciplines, all within the context of professional Christian Counseling.

Online Counseling

Bad weather? Out of town? Housebound? Sick family member who requires your near presence? NO PROBLEM! Dr. Haberkorn can meet with you via secure video link from virtually anywhere. This can be accomplished from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has a webcam feature. You only need to download and install the secure VSee software. (Dr. Haberkorn will send you a link for the download.) Never miss another counseling appointment! Please visit our Online Counseling page for more details.

Dr. Susan Haberkorn is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association and is an ordained minister and NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with advanced certification in a number of specialty areas including Temperament Counseling, Cognitive Therapy, Marriage, Grief, and Crisis. 

Natural Health Coach

You are more than just a body, more than just a soul, more than just a spirit--you are an amazing integration of these three components. The Psalmist declares, "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139:14)

Your Natural Health Coach will use Comprehensive Symptom Surveys, Bio-Energetic Assessments and Temperament Analysis to provide a holistic approach to understanding and improving the status of your well-being. Education is key! You can't improve upon what you don't know about. We also offer FDA-registered PEMF Therapy devices as well as  the MCCM Thorne Dispensary Program that provides a discount on premium nutritional supplements and laboratory testing options.

Please visit Natural Health Coach  for additional information.

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Christian Counselor Training

Do you feel called to become a Christian counselor? We are a Certified Academic Institution (CAI) of the National Christian Counselors Association offering Christian Counselor Training.  Learn how you can receive a certificate, bachelor's, master's or doctorate via distance learning here.