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Susan A. Haberkorn, Ph.D., NHP

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NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

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Discover the convenience and comfort of professional online Christian counseling and natural health counseling with Dr. Susan Haberkorn and Mercy Christian Counseling Online! As part of the expanding trend in telemedicine, teletherapy, and online counseling in general, our online Christian counseling and natural health counseling provide you with sound therapy techniques in the context of Christian faith and life practice. Don't drive--meet online and thrive! Our online therapy is professional, convenient, and completely confidential. We utilize a HIPAA-compliant video platform for all services.

What We Offer

  • FREE Online Christian Counseling. No matter your challenge, we strive to offer you HOPE and realistic, practical solutions that align with the teachings found in the Holy Bible. Because we want to help more hurting people find resolution to mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges, we now offer this service FREE to individuals. Please donate to Mercy Christian Counseling Online if you would like to help us in our quest to bring truth and grace to God's people. MORE INFO

  • Natural Health Counseling. Are you ready to pursue a natural approach to your health and wellness concerns? We offer practical advice to help you achieve your wellness goals, in keeping with the natural laws of God. Our natural health counseling include assessments, protocols, nutritional supplements, and adjunctive therapy equipment options, with regularly scheduled follow-ups to help you stay on track. MORE INFO

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Ph.D., Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Ph.D., Natural Health Practices

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - Advanced Certified

Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care