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Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant

Just the Two of You!

This service is for those who wish to tie the knot without all the fuss of a big wedding. Rev. Haberkorn is an ordained minister authorized to perform marriage ceremonies. Your traditional marriage ceremony will be performed at the minister's location in Hagerstown, Maryland.

  1. Limited to heterosexual couples only, in accordance with the Holy Bible.
  2. Call 240-520-2713 to make an appointment.
  3. Present yourself to the minister at the appointed time.
  4. Present a valid marriage license (Washington County, Maryland).
  5. No more than two witnesses, please. (Witnesses are optional.)
  6. Ceremony takes about 10 minutes.
  7. Minister will file paperwork with the Clerk of Court.
  8. Minister's fee: $60
  9. Congratulations! May you live happily ever after!