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Secure Online Counseling

Now you can receive professional, secure online and phone counseling in the comfort of a location you choose.

          Secure online counseling is an attractive alternative to in-person counseling for many people. You will receive the same professional service from the comfort of a location you choose. Secure online counseling is convenient for all parties as there is no need to drive to the office. Distance and weather no longer create barriers that interfere with your regular counseling sessions. Are you a care-giver who needs to stay nearby loved ones? Give our secure online counseling a try. It's the new thing in professional counseling for the modern age of technology!

How to Schedule a Secure Online Counseling Session

Contact Dr. Haberkorn by phone at 240-520-2713, or by email to [email protected] to discuss your needs and arrange a mutually-agreeable time. Dr. Haberkorn will then email a link for downloading the VSee software to your device, along with the necessary intake forms, which you will be asked to complete and return via email before your first session.  Dr. Haberkorn will initiate the remote counseling session at the appointment time via VSee.


  • Request an invoice with a link to pay by debit/credit/ACH, OR
  • Dr. Haberkorn can process your credit or debit payment over the phone at the beginning of your session. (Note: All debit/credit transactions will have a small surcharge added to defray the cost of card processing, usually $2-$3 or so.)

That's all there is to it! Questions? Call Dr. Susan at 204-520-2713.