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Hello. I am Dr. Susan Haberkorn. I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary and an Advanced Diploma in Natural Health Studies from New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies. I expect to complete my Ph.D. in Natural Health Consulting in the fall of 2018.

I believe that your optimal wellness depends on a holistic approach that recognizes the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being. My purpose is to be a conduit of HOPE in your life. That is why I now offer natural health consulting and wellness education, bio-energetic assessment, sound therapy, and harmonizing and balancing body ministry as part of the natural course of pastoral counseling or as stand-alone consultations.

Natural Health Consulting has an initial session fee of $150. Follow-up appointments are prorated per 20 min. consult or portion thereof. The initial consultation is approximately 60 minutes and includes review of the Master Symptom Survey and VoiceBio bio-energetic assessment. A Report of Findings and Suggested Protocol is emailed to the client within 3 days. The second consultation (20-40 min) will evaluate progress and adjust program as needed (usually 2-4 weeks after initial consultation). 

Optimal Wellness Survey - Reviewed during Initial consultation. You will be asked to complete the survey prior to your first appointment.

Begin with the basic instrument for assessing overall status: an extensive "Master Symptom Survey" of 12 body systems. The survey identifies levels of imbalances in these systems based on current signs and symptoms the client is experiencing. With this knowledge in hand, the client may be guided in making adjustments in diet and lifestyle to achieve a more optimal health balance. This assessment is also eligible for online consultation.

Bio-Energetics (VoiceBio) Included in Initial in-office consultation (not available by phone or online)

VoiceBio may only be completed in person. Using Voice Frequency Analysis,  you can let your voice tell you what your body already knows! We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14) This non-invasive process uses a microphone and highly sensitive equipment to gather and sort the frequencies of your own voice onto a graph that depicts the relative energy output of 12 organs/systems across the chromatic music scale of 12 notes from C to B. The graph provides the client with information on which organs/systems need to be balanced. Dr. Haberkorn will guide you in which balancing modalities may be right for you. These modalities may include the use of dietary changes, cleansing, essential oils, mental health counseling, and Sound Therapy, as examples. VoiceBio is an excellent, objective adjunct to the Master Symptom Survey as a validation tool. Available as a stand-alone assessment for $75.

Gentle Rain Body Ministry: $90. This is a relaxing, energetic balancing using essential oils. Prayer and the application of essential oils to the forehead, feet, and back in a series of gentle, rhythmic patterns will increase your sense of spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Relax and unwind as your senses are immersed in touch, sound, and scent. Your privacy and modesty will be protected. This is not a therapeutic massage requiring a state license, but rather a soothing body ministry to relax your body, soul, and spirit, and to re-energize you so that you can better handle the stresses of life.  Approximate 60-minute session.

TLC Body Ministry Package : $150  (includes VoiceBio(r) followed by Gentle Rain Body Ministry combined with a Sound Therapy session). Approximate 90-min. appointment.  You will also receive information to balance the two weakest frequencies identified by VoiceBio and a Sound Therapy CD to build these frequencies.

Body, Soul and Spirit Renewal Package: $350 includes the following components in five (5) sessions: Two, 60-min. sessions of Temperament Therapy; Optimal Wellness Survey/VoiceBio with two, 20-min. consultations; one, 90-min. TLC Body Ministry Package (see above), (Temperament Therapy is a form of Christian Counseling.) You will receive a written Temperament Analysis report; a written report of your Optimal Wellness Assessment; written recommendations to balance your body frequencies and a Sound Therapy CD to assist with this balancing.

Natural Health Consulting provides you with tools to take charge of your optimal wellness goals!