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Do you feel you have a calling on your life to become a Christian Counselor? Mercy Christian Counseling Ministries can help equip you to answer God's call through our sister organization, Mercy Christian Counseling Institute (MCCI). MCCI programs are designed to equip you with the specific knowledge and credentials to answer your calling. We offer distance learning only via self-study text or online options. But don't worry! You won't be alone in your journey! Your clinical supervisor, Dr. Haberkorn, will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide practical guidance as you work through your program. You can even meet via secure online video.

Mercy Christian Counseling Institute (MCCI) is a Certified Academic Institution (CAI) authorized by the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) to administer the certificate and degree programs of the NCCA. Our format follows the outline described in the NCCA Catalog; however, our tuition costs less than NCCA and some other CAIs. Please consult the documents below for information on programs, requirements, and enrollment.

The tuition and fees listed for each program below are all-inclusive, and we offer a convenient payment plan for each program. 

Program 1: NCCA License Only - $3,415*

Program 2: B.A. and NCCA License - $6,000*

Program 3: M.A. and NCCA License - $5,635*

Program 4: Ph.D. and NCCA License - $6,665*

* Tuition and fees are subject to change; however, your cost will not change after you have signed a financial agreement.

We also offer Continuing Education programs for those who already hold one level of NCCA certification or degree and wish to advance to the next level.

For a breakdown of program costs, please email [email protected].

NCCA Catalog

MCCI Catalog