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Christian Counseling

Rev. Susan A. Haberkorn, Ph.D., D.PSc.

Susan A. Haberkorn, Ph.D., D.PSc.

Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine

18908 Crofton Rd.

Hagerstown, MD 21742

(240) 520-2713

[email protected]


  • Women - You are my top priority! (Ages 13 and Up)
  • Temperament Counseling
  • Biblical Discipleship
  • Optimal Wellness Survey. Please visit our Natural Health page.
  • Bio-Energetic Assessment using VoiceBio(R). Please visit our Natural Health page.
  • TLC Body Ministry Please visit our Natural Health page.
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy, visit our PEMF page.

COUNSELING FEES (Updated 3/18/18)

Please note: The cost of professional counseling in the vicinity of Hagerstown, MD is normally between $75-$150 per hour. Since I do not accept insurance, I offer a sliding scale based on total family income, as follows:

1/10th of 1% of gross family income, per hour.

Minimum hourly fee: $30

Additional person in session, add $10


Temperament Analysis is also required for each Client and billed at first appointment: $30.

Payment Methods: Cash, check, debit/credit card. (A surcharge is added to process debit/credit transactions.) 

Surcharge for Credit/Debit Payments: 3%

What to Expect

Professional Christian Counseling pursues wellness of the whole person from a uniquely spiritual perspective. I will pray with you and for you; your privacy and confidentiality will be protected; and your religious convictions will be respected.

At the First Session, I will administer the Arno Profile System Temperament Questionnaire. This takes about 10 minutes and is required for all counselees. I may also take a health history, because physical health has a great impact on emotional health. We are tri-part beings created in God's image, and thus we are spiritual beings with an intellect and emotions, living within a physical body. Counseling must take this interdependence into consideration. The balance of the session time will be devoted to listening to you describe the challenges that brought you to counseling.


Here at Mercy Christian Counseling I provide Christian Counseling to women age 13 and up of any denomination or who may have no church affiliation at all. My primary counseling goals are: 1) to help the individual focus on their worth as a creation of God; 2) to teach them about their inborn temperament; 3) to help them develop healthy ways of communicating with and relating to others; 4) to help individuals overcome wrong thinking and behavior patterns by renewing the mind; 5) to pursue lifestyle changes to improve overall health; and 6) to encourage a more intimate relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.


NCCC Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor--Advanced Certified 

PMA Licensed Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine

Offering services in the following areas:

Temperament Counseling.  (Required for every person who comes for counseling.) This Biblically-based assessment (known as the Arno Profile System, or APS) identifies an individual's inborn, God-given temperament. Temperament determines why you respond to people, situations, and the environment the way you do. You will receive a personal copy of this report and have an opportunity to validate the results with your counselor. I have found this assessment to be nearly 100% accurate for dozens of counselees who self-certified the results. It helps us pinpoint behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes that may be contributing to the challenges that bring you to counseling, which in turn gives a direction for the counseling efforts. This assessment is also an excellent resource for parents. The APS can be administered to anyone age 7 and older.

  • Relationship issues, grief, anger, depression, marriage.
  • Christian Life Coaching
  • Physical/nutritional aspects that contribute to emotional healing.



Ph.D., Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Colorado Theological Seminary, 2015

Advanced Diploma in Natural Health Studies, New Eden School of Natural Health, 2017