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Christian Counseling

Relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief, guilt . . . . Do these issues interfere with your life and make you feel distant from God, cut off, hopeless? You are not alone. Millions of people, regardless of religious affiliation, suffer similar challenges. Here at Mercy Christian Counseling, we believe that healing is possible for you.

Our counselor, Dr. Susan Haberkorn, is an ordained minister and NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with advanced certification in a number of specialty areas including Temperament Counseling, Cognitive Therapy, Marriage, Grief, and Crisis. Dr. Haberkorn specializes in Christian Counseling for individuals and married, heterosexual couples. Attending to the physical, intellectual/emotional and spiritual needs of people is part of the healing process and therefore we minister to the whole person: body, soul, and spirit. Please see our Christian Counseling page for complete details. 

Christian Counselor Training

Mercy Christian Counseling Institute is an NCCA Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association. We are authorized to independently administer the Christian Counseling licensing and degree programs of the NCCA. You can earn NCCA licensure, a B.A., M.A., or Ph.D. in the comfort of your own home through distance learning and specialize in Temperament Counseling. Our Director, Dr. Susan Haberkorn, has used the Arno Profile System of Temperament Analysis extensively and has found that counselees self-certify the APS results as nearly 100% accurate. Your training through Mercy Christian Counseling Institute will prepare you to meet the counseling needs of a diverse population of suffering people. Please visit the Christian Counselor Training page for details.

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