Mercy Christian Counseling

  A Ministry of Bible Fellowship Church

Rev. Susan A. Haberkorn, M.C.C.

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

18908 Crofton Rd.

Hagerstown, MD 21742

(240) 520-2713

Specializing in individual Christian counseling for women.

Counseling Fees:

Individuals: $75 for first session; $25 each additional 45-50 min. session.

Couples: $100 for first session: $25 each additional 45-50 min. session.

(I do not accept insurance reimbursement.)


Why Christian Counseling? Why not just go see your pastor? I understand that you may have many reasons why you don't feel you can seek counseling within your own church. Pastors are often over-extended in caring for their flock, and many have not received specialized training in counseling.


Professional Christian counseling pursues wellness of the whole person from a uniquely spiritual perspective. I will pray with you and for you; your privacy and confidentiality will be protected; and your religious convictions will be respected.


Here at Mercy Christian Counseling my primary counseling goals are: 1) to help the individual focus on their worth as a creation of God; 2) to teach them about their inborn temperament; 3) to help them develop healthy ways of communicating with and relating to others; 4) to help individuals overcome wrong thinking and behavior patterns by renewing the mind; and 5) to encourage a more intimate relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.




NCCC Licensed Minister of Pastoral Care

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. 

Offering services in the following areas:


  • Temperament Therapy. Utilizing the Arno Profile System (APS), the psychometric instrument used to measure Temperament is adapted from William Schutz's research known as "Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Observations - Behavior" or FIRO-B. FIRO-B is well respected among behavioral counselors for individual and business counseling. The APS report explains three dimensions of human behavior in a Christian context: Inclusion, Control, and Affection.


  • Cognitive Therapy. The process of "thinking about thinking" and learning to evaluate the accuracy of automatic thoughts. Behaviors change when thinking changes.


  • Crisis and Abuse Therapy. Developing strategies to function optimally during a crisis, learning to grieve, and deconstructing the lies that bind us to the past.


  • Death and Grief Counseling. This includes counseling for all sorts of grief, whether the death or other loss of a loved one, job, status, future dreams, etc. If you have suffered a loss, you may be grieving.


  • Counseling for cancer patients, especially breast cancer.


  • Abortion counseling - pre and post-abortion.


  • Anger Management, 8-week program




Master of Christian Counseling, Pillsbury College and Seminary, 2011. Currently pursuing a doctorate in Christian Counseling as a direct student of The National Christian Counselors Association.


Professional Affiliations


The National Christian Counselors Association,

The National Conservative Christian Church 

Mazzitti and Sullivan EAP Services Evaluator/Counselor


Church Affiliation


Bible Fellowship Church, A New Testament Home Church