Mercy Christian Counseling

  A Ministry of Bible Fellowship Church

Rev. Susan A. Haberkorn, Ph.D.

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor--      Advanced Certified

18908 Crofton Rd.

Hagerstown, MD 21742

(240) 520-2713

Practice limited to Christian counseling for women and heterosexual couples.

Counseling Fees (effective 5/21/15):

Individuals: $90 for first session; $40 each additional 45-50 min. session.

Couples: $140 for first session: $40 each additional 45-50 min. session.

Payment Methods: Cash, check, debit/credit card. (A surcharge is added to process debit/credit transactions.)

(I cannot accept insurance payments.)


What to Expect

Professional Christian counseling pursues wellness of the whole person from a uniquely spiritual perspective. I will pray with you and for you; your privacy and confidentiality will be protected; and your religious convictions will be respected.


Here at Mercy Christian Counseling I provide Christian counseling to persons of any denomination or who may have no church affiliation at all. My primary counseling goals are: 1) to help the individual focus on their worth as a creation of God; 2) to teach them about their inborn temperament; 3) to help them develop healthy ways of communicating with and relating to others; 4) to help individuals overcome wrong thinking and behavior patterns by renewing the mind; and 5) to encourage a more intimate relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.




NCCC Licensed Minister of Pastoral Care

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor--Advanced Certified 

Offering services in the following areas:


  • Temperament Therapy. Utilizing the Arno Profile System (APS), the psychometric instrument used to measure Temperament is adapted from William Schutz's research known as "Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Observations - Behavior" or FIRO-B. FIRO-B is well respected among behavioral counselors for individual and business counseling. The APS report explains three dimensions of human behavior in a Christian context: Inclusion, Control, and Affection.

  • Marriage and Pre-Marriage Counseling. Helping couples resolve and prevent conflict.

  • Cognitive Therapy. The process of "thinking about thinking" and learning to evaluate the accuracy of automatic thoughts. Behaviors change when thinking changes.

  • Crisis and Abuse Therapy. Developing strategies to function optimally during a crisis, learning to grieve, and deconstructing the lies that bind us to the past.

  • Death and Grief Counseling. This includes counseling for all sorts of grief, whether the death or other loss of a loved one, job, status, future dreams, etc. If you have suffered a loss, you may be grieving.


  • Counseling for cancer patients, especially breast cancer.


  • Abortion counseling - pre and post-abortion.


  • Anger Management, 8-week program




Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Colorado Theological Seminary, 2015

Master of Christian Counseling, Pillsbury College and Seminary, 2011. 


Professional Affiliations


The National Christian Counselors Association,

The National Conservative Christian Church 

Mazzitti and Sullivan EAP Services Evaluator/Counselor


Church Affiliation


Hagerstown Church of the Brethren